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Názor k článku "Hází nás přes palubu," stěžují si klienti na Komerční banku od TenTo - The banks need to recognise that they are...

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  • 4. 9. 2012 22:54

    TenTo (neregistrovaný) ---.net.upcbroadband.cz

    The banks need to recognise that they are not merely private entities focused on profit and loss, but crucial and key parts of the social infrastructure. (For the Czechs, retail banking is just outsourced socialism. Today you have to ask some bank manager for a new Skoda, whereas in the past you had to ask your local communist.)

    Their lending practices drove up prices and created the context in which young people, starting businesses and families, had to set about making ends meet.

    Now that the debt bubble and housing bubble is over, the banks will need to quickly learn social responsibility. This means debt forgiveness and forbearance. As times get harder, debt will drop and people will return to a cash economy. If the banks don't start getting friendly pretty quick, I think SocGen and the like will kick these socialist throwbacks out of their jobs even faster.

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